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Email & Cloud Storage for Tradesmen


In local markets, trades can win or lose a job on the smallest margins. So why not give yourself the best chance of success?

When starting a business, every entrepreneur or business owner needs a branded email.  Maintaining a professional image is important for keeping your customers’ trust and appearing credible online. For example which of these seems more professional?



As part of our business set up we create a professional email for your business. The benefits of this can be seen below:

  • Avoid spam filters – due to the ease of setting up a normal free email address, many businesses now block them due to the increased risk of spam.
  • Clear link to your website. Wherever your email address is used, it will drive customers towards your website.
  • Allow your team to grow professionally. As your business grows you can add more email addresses to the same account.
  • Shows that you are serious and established.

In addition to professional email, we find cloud storage an invaluable tool to our customers. Instead of saving your files onto your PC, or backing up to an external hard drive, you save them online on the cloud.

This lets you access them from any computer by logging into your cloud account. If you update a file from one computer, tablet, or mobile, you’ll see the changes on all other devices. This makes it very easy to access information on the go, there is no risk of lost information if your computer breaks or is stolen, and it is easy to share information with clients and work colleagues.

Both email and cloud storage are part of our set up service which provides you with a website and all that you need to get started. Get in touch if you think we could help your business.



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