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How automation will give you your life back


Although many industries have changed unrecognisably with the introduction of new technology, the construction industry – especially trades – has remained relatively unchanged. However, there are ways that you can utilise technology in your business to give you more free time to do the things you enjoy.

On average, our clients spend hours per week recording client details, updating project information, and drafting and issuing invoices, but this doesn’t need to be the case. At Virtual QS, we help you streamline your processes and get your free time back.

So how do we do this wizardry I hear you ask?

The short way of explaining it is: we use technology and knowhow to reduce the amount of times you have to type in information. For example, using our systems you only have to write your clients details ONCE into a form that is saved to your phone, tablet, or computer. From there we can make sure it gets to everywhere it needs to be automatically. The client/project details are saved to a spreadsheet and also sent through to invoicing software. The invoice can also be altered by what you add to the spreadsheet. This is all done automatically, reducing mistakes, and reducing admin time.

A recent system we created for one of our clients has reduced the total admin time, from receiving the call and recording the clients information, to updating project details and submitting the invoice, to just over 1 minute!

We can also go further, automatically saving the clients details to your contact list in your phone or email, saving the clients address to your phone allowing you to navigate to their address at the push of a button and much more.

If you’d like to see what magic we can undertake on your business, just drop us a message on Facebook or email us at info@virtual-qs.com.

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