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All the template you could need to run your business, from invoicing, to brochures, and business plans!

Short lessons on everything from setting up your website and email, to managing FB ads and marketing!

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Templates to help your business

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For use with your client's

  • Quotation Template
  • Invoice Template
  • Client Proposal: stand out with a tailored proposal for your client's project
  • Pre-start meeting: A short one page document to cover all you need. From agreeing payment terms to access requirements

Impress your client's with your professionalism and attention to their project. Buy all of the above for only £25.00, or free with the All Access Pass.

Templates for managing larger projects & subcontractors

  • Invitation to Tender
  • Tender Analysis: if subcontracting work out, assess tenders clearly and easily
  • Order & Liability Tracker: track agreed quotations, start dates, and outstanding payments/liabilities
  • Project Budget Estimate
  • Plant & Labour Cost Tracker: crucial when paying day rates

Moving to bigger projects? Make sure you manage them professionally with these templates. All of the above for just £35.00, or free with the All Access Pass.

For growing your business

  • Brochure Template: impress potential clients with a PDF brochure for them to browse through
  • Business Plan Template
  • Job Tracker

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