Tradesman Platinum Package

Where ambitious tradesmen come to succeed, what are you waiting for?

Introducing the Platinum Package

There is huge demand for skilled trades and you’re not taking advantage of it. You want the house, the car, holidays, and the sense of achievement, and it all starts with one small step.

What is the Platinum Package?

At Virtual QS we know there are many tradesmen out there who have big dreams and aspirations, but never achieve these dreams because they haven't got the time or experience to manage the business side of things. They are skilled at their trade, and have the potential to grow a large business but just need a helping hand.

After a long week at work, you want to spend time relaxing and with the family, not chase around tens of different businesses offering the odd service here and there. 

That is why we built this Platinum Package. Virtual QS brings together a unique team to provide everything you need to excel. From website set up, to creating invoice templates, providing you with branded workwear and more. We take care of it all. To learn how we can help you, read on.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We create everything you need for a high earning and scalable business. Whether you're starting from scratch, or just rebranding, our team will completely take care of everything. From logo design and creating your website, to setting up your business email, marketing strategy & ads, custom templates for you to use, automating your processes, and giving you priority access to our team. We even order your custom branded workwear!

If your business is a BBQ, we are the overexcited Uncle pouring the fuel on!

Professional Website & Social Media

We design a highly professional website that drives sales. Our team will also optimise your site for Search Engine Optimisation (getting you up the Google results). We also create your business Facebook page.


We will automate your invoicing and processes. Whether you use accounting software such as Xero, or want to run your business off spreadsheets. We can automate your project management and the creation of invoices, saving hundreds of hours per year.

Business Email

We will set up your professional email, create well-written email templates to easily send to customers, and create a professional signature. Ensuring your business looks professional at all times.

Workwear & the smaller details

The impression you make on your customers is crucial. We know this, and to help we provide a starter pack containing branded workwear (4 branded polo's in the size of your choice), business cards, and stationery. 

Here’s what people are saying...



Jack made me feel confident in setting up a business
tradesman review website
Nick godsell

Pest control & property maintenance

The VQS team have totally transformed all of my business processes
tradesman business management
richard quinn

Flooring specialist

Jack and the team are a pleasure to work with
carpet fitter success

How does it work?

What you can expect from our first-class service


Stage 1: Reserve your spot

We like to give our customers and their businesses the care and attention they deserve, and therefore we can only take so many clients onto the Platinum Package at a time. For that reason, we always schedule a call for us to get to know a bit about your business and your goals, and determine how we can help.  


Stage 2: We confirm the details and timeframe for your project

We go through our project brief template with you, to ensure that we can build your business image to help you excel. Once this stage is complete, we will send you a link to purchase the Platinum Package.


Stage 3: We work our magic

Once you have purchased the Platinum Package, our team get to work on creating the best image for your trade business. We will send you a quick email with a link (and explanation) to purchase your domain and hosting - this is because we want you to be in complete control of what you own. Don't worry, it takes 10 minutes and we help you. We then take care of setting everything else up. No stress your end, just sit back and relax as our team get everything sorted.


Stage 4: You take over the world

Armed with your new templates, systems, advertising, workwear and website, you completely dominate the market, make your millions, become a raving fan of Virtual QS and live happily ever after. The end.

*Disclaimer: we can't guarantee you make millions, but we will try and help!

About The Team

Virtual QS was founded by Jack, a Quantity Surveyor by profession, with experience working on projects from small local builds, to offices in London and luxury hotels in Europe. He has always had a business flair - from winning the school's young entrepreneur award, to creating and selling multiple businesses from pest control to industrial cleaning. 

He started working with tradesmen, and realised that there was no business that could provide them with a unique blend of services specifically for the construction industry. 

He started pulling a team together, and like the Avengers, a great team assembled. We now provide everything tradesmen need to grow their business and focus on doing what they do best - their trade.

Hit your targets

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.”

Orison Swett Marden

We all know a goal without a plan is just a dream, what is your plan?

The Platinum Package is an investment in yourself, an investment in your business, and a commitment to succeed. 

If you could increase your chances of achieving your goal of a successful business and all that comes with it - the house, the car, the family holidays, the sense of achievement, what would it be worth to you? £5,000? £10,000? People often pay thousands for a website alone...

But we're not like most companies, and we're not going to charge the earth. We provide more VALUE for LESS cost.

Logo design


Facebook Business Page

Business email

Customised templates

Branded workwear and business cards

Process automation

Priority support

Lifetime free access to paid courses in the member's area (including future courses)

A complete business solution

For many tradesmen, the below costs equate to one days work, every month over 12 months and cost are quickly offset when winning more work

Pricing Plan

  • Complete Platinum Package Set Up
  • Lifetime free access to paid courses in the member's area
  • Logo design
  • Website
  • Facebook business page
  • Professional email
  • Customised templates
  • Branded workwear & business cards
  •  Process Automation
  • Priority Support

Commit. Achieve. Succeed.

Everything you need to turbo charge your business.

£1,499 + VAT

Don’t wait!

Reserve your spot now and create something special!

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