How to Deliver Your Project on Time & Budget

Even with little, or no, experience!

40% of domestic refurbishment projects, and 60% of self builds go over budget, don't let yours be one of them!

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If you're in a dilemma about whether to manage your project, or you're fed up of googling how to do it, read on...

You want more cost certainty but employing your own project management and QS is expensive and may break the budget.

The choice to manage the project yourself can save thousands, money you could be spending on your dream finishes to take your build to the next level. 

The problem?

  • You doubt you know enough. You may be daunted by never working in the construction industry before.

  • You don’t know where to start. With minefields of information out there you don’t know what to listen to or where to start.

  • You don’t have a commercial background. Maybe you’re not used to working with, and negotiating with, various trades and suppliers.

So, you’ve bought books, joined online groups, and subscribed to magazines.

You’ve started finding that there is tonnes of great information out there (and some not so great), but you struggle putting it into practice.

Many resources and books explain principles of commercial management and managing your project, but don’t provide you with templates to do so.

Or when they do, they aren’t pre-formulated, easy to use, and of industry professional standard.

No matter how much you read, you still feel you need an organised and easy to use system. 

We had multiple clients contact us for help with their builds, but unfortunately it either didn’t make financial sense for them to employ a surveyor,

or they wanted to manage the project themselves anyway, but didn’t know where to start.

So we decided to create a package of templates and a guide to help them achieve self build success.

After testing out our products on a small group we are now offering them at an introductory rate to the wider community.


Self Build Secrets

Templates & Tutorials for Commercial Success on Your Project

The ultimate resource for templates to manage your build. 

Enabling easy commercial management of your project.

Ideal for self builders on a budget with limited construction knowledge.

You'll learn how to:

  • Avoid cost overruns
  • Create budgets, prepare pricing documentation, and assess tenders
  • Commercially manage contractors and tradesmen during the construction phase

13 Pre-formulated spreadsheets

Including budget estimate, tender analysis, forecasts, VAT tracker, payment notices and more... 

Word templates

Templates include: Invitation to Tender, Pre-Construction meeting, and Final account


To ensure you can use our templates, we have provided tutorial videos on their use. Our How-to document also gives clear guidance on commercially managing your project.

WHat's included?

Templates, guide, videos. 

In addition to our 21 page plain English guide packed with information and tips, as well as our word templates: Invitation to Tender, Pre-Construction Meeting Template, Final Account Template (combined value £64.96), you will received the below spreadsheets.

  • Budget Estimate (value £34.99)

      A pre-formulated spreadsheet, allowing you to breakdown the cost of your build. All fed through to a summary page, allowing you to clearly see costs for each element and contingencies. As detailed in the programme, this can also be turned into a pricing document for tenderers to price the works.

  • Order, Liability & Quotation Tracker (value £24.99)

      Keep track of quotations received and orders placed. This spreadsheet also allows you to see outstanding liabilities across all order/contracts.

  • Tender Pre-Qualification List (value £19.99)

      Keep track during your planning phase of potential contractors/tradesmen for different sections.

  • Tender Analysis (value £24.99)

      Easily compare tenders and rates from up to five contractors at once. Allowing you to see comparisons between your budget and each contractor's individual item rates. The summary page also allows scoring for non cost related factors.

  • Application for Payment (value £19.99) 
         This is a template you can provide to contractors which will be applying for interim payments. It clearly shows which items from the original pricing document they are claiming for and feeds into your payment notice.
  • Payment Notice (value £19.99) 
        If paying tradesmen or contractors on a regular basis, this excellent template will allow you to clearly demonstrate what items you are paying for. Integrates seamlessly with the application for payment and pricing document which you can provide the contractor.
  • Dayworks, Labour & Plant Tracker (value £19.99)

      It can often be difficult to keep track of day rates for labour and plant, especially when variations happen. This tracker automatically calculates weekly costs and is a format that can be printed and signed by both the contractor and yourself.

  • Inspection Register (value £4.99)
        A simple inspection register to ensure work is up to standard.
  • VAT Tracker (value £9.99) 

      On a new build, and some renovations, you will be able to claim VAT back for things such as labour and materials. You can only claim back once, so keeping track throughout the project is essential. This spreadsheet allows you  to keep a running tally of your claim. 

  • Cash Flow Template/Monthly Forecast (value £14.99)

      Forecast your spend across the months with our cash flow template.

  • Contact List (value £9.99)
        Keep track of all construction contracts and details in an easy to use document. Use filters to identify all contacts in a given field. Useful to keep and update across many projects.
  • Measurement/Taking off Workbook (value £19.99)
        A useful tool for those measuring works themselves. A dedicated workbook to aid in the measurement of construction drawings. We have pre-formulated the workbook to ensure you can get accurate measurements without the need for complex formulas.


  • Tutorial videos on using the spreadsheets

  • Example folder structure for efficient organisation

Total value: £289.84

Today's price: £97.00

Reduce Stress

Having clear processes will allow you to focus.

Save Time

Pre-formulated spreadsheets and word templates allow you to save hundreds of hours across the project life.

Save Money

By managing contractors properly you can save thousands, particularly during the tender stage.

Get access to Self Build Secrets now!

'How to’ document (value 34.99)

Budget Estimate (+pricing document) (value £34.99)

Order, Liability & Quotation Tracker (value £24.99) 

Tender Pre-Qualification list (value £19.99)

Tender Analysis (value £24.99)

Application for payment (value £19.99)

Payment Notice (value £19.99)

Dayworks, Labour & Plant Tracker (value £19.99)

Inspection register (value £4.99)

VAT Tracker (value £9.99)

Cash Flow template (value £14.99)

Contact list template (value £9.99)

Measurement/taking off workbook (value £19.99)

Invitation to Tender (value £9.99)

Pre-Construction meeting template (value £9.99)

Final Account template (value £9.99)

Bonus: Tutorial videos on the spreadsheets

Bonus: Example folder structure for efficient organisation of information

Total value: £289.84

Today's price: £97.00




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