About us

How we work

Virtual QS has been established to meet a growing need for pre-construction surveying services. Consultancy's, Contractors and Subcontractors are all struggling to meet deadlines and potentially missing out on large quantities of work. Private clients are also looking for an ease of service currently not provided. Virtual QS offers the solution to these problems. We aim to provide a cheaper and more efficient alternative to the traditional practice. By removing the physical premises of our surveyors, we can pass a saving onto you, the client.

We pride ourselves on the streamlined approach to doing business that our client zone provides. Simply upload your drawings and
specification and await a quote in your inbox from our team within 24 hours. If you wish to proceed, a project-dependent deposit will be
required for work to start. The remaining amount being due once we upload the results to your client area for download.

Our surveyors have worked on a variety of projects for clients ranging from small house builders and architects to large multi national
companies. Our team is proficient in all international standards of measurement such as: NRM2, SMM7, CESMM3, POMI etc. and we look
forward to adding you to our list of valued clients.


Our Mission and Vision



Virtual QS aims to streamline the pre construction measurement process, enabling anytime access to outstanding Quantity Surveying services at a more cost effective rate than currently in the market.



Our vision is to provide an efficient, streamlined, high value service across the world.


We provide a variety of measurement services such as producing Bills of Quantities, Cost Plans, and Builders Quants.  When we send you our finished work a back up of the calculations come with it. We can provide measurement for whole or discreet packages.

In the near future we aim to expand and provide full contractual services. 

There are 5 simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the Client Zone
  2. Upload drawings, specification, and requirements
  3. Receive a quote from our team, accept the quote in client zone and pay deposit if wishing to proceed
  4. Download finished work from client zone
  5. Pay remainder of balance

This will vary greatly between projects however once our Surveyors receive your drawings we will provide you with a timescale. Small projects we will aim to get done within 1 week however medium to large scale projects will take longer.

Price will vary depending on the size of the task however our prices are extremely competitive. Please contact for a quote.

We accept payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin (due to ease of international payment and low fees).